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Abortion is a medical procedure to terminate a pregnancy. The legal and ethical status of abortion varies from country to country. In many places where abortion is legal, it can often be done legally under certain circumstances.

Abortion is generally a safer and less invasive procedure in early pregnancy. However, making this decision can be a challenging process and it is important for a woman to consider medical, ethical and social factors to make an informed decision. It is therefore recommended to seek advice from an Obstetrician and Gynecologist.

Some Basic Causes and Circumstances of Abortion:

  1. Risky Pregnancy: Conditions that seriously threaten the health of the mother or baby. For example, a health problem that seriously affects the mother’s vital organs or serious congenital anomalies of the baby.
  2. Unwanted Pregnancy In the event of an unwanted pregnancy, a woman can decide not to continue the pregnancy. Abortion can therefore be requested for social, economic or personal reasons.
  3. Sexual Abuse or Rape: If the pregnancy is the result of sexual abuse or rape, it may be legal for a woman to have an abortion.
  4. Illegal Pregnancy: If abortion is illegal in the country or permitted in limited circumstances, women may resort to illegal means, which can increase health risks. The importance of legal and safe abortion should be emphasized.
  5. Maternal Health Hazard: A health problem that seriously affects the vital organs of the expectant mother or where the life of the mother would be endangered if the pregnancy continued.


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Gynecology and Obstetrics Practice

  1. Expert and Experienced Staff:
    Op. Dr. Hakan Yaz Practice serves you with its staff specialized in the field and with years of experience. We aim to provide you with the best treatment, using our expertise and experience to find solutions to your health problems.
  2. Individual Approach and Respect for People:
    Every patient is an individual for us and has unique needs. Op. At Dr. Hakan Yaz Practice, we aim to manage your health in the best way possible by creating a customized treatment plan for you. With the principle of respect for people, we communicate with you in a sincere and warm environment.
  3. Modern Technology and Current Approaches:
    Op. Dr. Hakan Yaz Practice uses the technological opportunities offered by modern medicine in accordance with the requirements of the age. We aim to provide you with the most effective healthcare service with advanced diagnosis and treatment methods.
  4. Safe and Comfortable Environment:
    Our practice is designed not only with modern medical equipment, but also with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. We take care to ensure that you spend your health-related processes in a safe and peaceful environment.
  5. Comprehensive range of services:
    Op. Dr. Hakan Yaz Practice offers a wide range of services related to women’s health. From comprehensive women’s health examinations to gynecological surgery, from pregnancy follow-up to fertility treatments, we offer expertise in many areas.
  6. People-Oriented Service Policy:
    We have a service approach that prioritizes your health. With our people-oriented policy, we aim to support you to lead a healthy life by cooperating with you at every stage.

Your health is valuable to us and we are here to provide you with the best service.