Genital Aesthetics

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Genital Aesthetics

Laser genital aesthetics is a type of laser treatment used for genital area aesthetics. This treatment is often characterized as an area that deals with women’s sexual health and aesthetics. Laser technology serves specific aesthetic purposes by applying energy directly to skin tissue

What Does Genital Aesthetics Cover?

  1. Vaginal Rejuvenation
    • Laser vaginal rejuvenation can be applied to increase tightness and restore elasticity in vaginal tissues. It can be preferred by women who experience loss of vaginal tissues due to postpartum loosening or aging.
  2. Vaginal Aesthetics:
    • Vaginal aesthetics, also known as labiaplasty, can be applied to regulate the shape and size of the labia minora or majora. This is an intervention that women choose for aesthetic or discomfort reasons.
  3. Vaginal Discoloration:
    • Laser treatment can also be used to correct discoloration in the vaginal area. This can be to even out skin tone or reduce blemishes.
  4. Urinary Incontinence Problems:
    • The laser can be used to treat urinary incontinence problems. The laser can be used to increase tightness in the tissues that cause incontinence problems.
  5. Discomfort in the Genital Area:
    • It can be applied to reduce discomfort or pain in the genital area.

Laser genital aesthetic procedures are usually minimally invasive and can allow the patient to return to their daily life quickly. However, as with any medical intervention, it is important to assess the potential risks and side effects and consult with the doctor.

Laser Genital Aesthetics

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