Menopause and Osteoporosis

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Menopause and Osteoporosis


Menopause is a period when a woman’s menstrual cycle ends completely and fertility ceases. Menopause usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, but this age range can vary from person to person. Menopause is associated with reduced function of a woman’s ovaries, which involves the ovaries producing eggs and secreting the hormone estrogen.

Symptoms of menopause can include hot flashes, insomnia, mood changes, vaginal dryness and sexual dysfunction. Treatments such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can relieve symptoms.


Osteoporosis is a condition in which the risk of bone fracture increases due to decreased bone density and weakened bone tissue. Bones become more hollow and brittle than usual. Osteoporosis is often associated with hormonal changes after menopause, as the hormone estrogen plays an important role in maintaining bone density.

Symptoms of osteoporosis are often associated with bone fractures, especially in the spine, hip or wrist. However, the early stages of osteoporosis are often asymptomatic. Therefore, the diagnosis of osteoporosis may include bone density measurements (densitometry) and other clinical assessments.

Menopause and osteoporosis are associated with natural and hormonal changes in women’s lives. Regular health check-ups, a healthy lifestyle and, if necessary, professional medical intervention are important to reduce the effects of these conditions and maintain bone health.

Menopause and Osteoporosis

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