Pregnancy Monitoring and Delivery

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Pregnancy Monitoring and Delivery

An Obstetrician and Gynecologist is a physician who deals with women’s reproductive health. Pregnancy follow-up and birth counseling is one of the specialties of this specialist.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist provides a holistic health service to the expectant mother with pregnancy follow-up and birth counseling. Communication, trust and a tailored approach to individual needs are important in this process.

Pregnancy Monitoring:

Pregnancy follow-up involves monitoring and managing a woman’s health during pregnancy. The Gynecologist and Obstetrician follows the woman from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy process and makes the necessary interventions. Pregnancy monitoring may include the following elements:

  1. Initial Examination and Diagnosis: Once the pregnancy has been diagnosed, the doctor will perform an initial examination and assess the woman’s general state of health.
  2. Routine Checkups: Regular check-ups during pregnancy monitor the health of the mother and the baby. Blood tests, ultrasonography, blood pressure measurements and other medical tests may be part of these checks.
  3. Assessment of Risk Factors: Risk factors that may arise during pregnancy are evaluated. The expectant mother’s age, general health, previous pregnancy experiences and genetic factors are taken into consideration.
  4. Nutrition and Exercise Counseling: Healthy nutrition and appropriate exercise during pregnancy can positively affect the health of the mother and the baby. The doctor’s advice is important in this regard.
  5. Pregnancy Complications Monitoring: Pregnancy-related complications such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia are monitored and treated when necessary.

What is Birth Counseling and What Does It Cover?

Birth Counseling: Birth counseling is the process by which women plan the birth process, receive information about birth options, and receive emotional and physical support during the birth process. This process may include the following elements:

  1. Birth Planning: The woman can create a birth plan with her doctor about her birth preferences and expectations. This includes issues such as the mode of delivery, choosing the place of birth and pain control methods.
  2. Childbirth Preparation Classes: Prenatal education classes inform the expectant mother about the birth process, teach relaxation techniques and provide information on postnatal care.
  3. Support during labor: The Obstetrician and Gynecologist monitors the health of the mother and baby during labor and provides support during the birth process.
  4. Planned or Emergency Surgery: The doctor plans and performs the necessary surgical intervention in case of unexpected circumstances during the birth process.
  5. Postpartum Follow-up: Postnatal follow-up involves checking the health of the mother and baby and making necessary interventions.

Pregnancy Monitoring and Delivery

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Gynecology and Obstetrics Practice

  1. Expert and Experienced Staff:
    Op. Dr. Hakan Yaz Practice serves you with its staff specialized in the field and with years of experience. We aim to provide you with the best treatment, using our expertise and experience to find solutions to your health problems.
  2. Individual Approach and Respect for People:
    Every patient is an individual for us and has unique needs. Op. At Dr. Hakan Yaz Practice, we aim to manage your health in the best way possible by creating a customized treatment plan for you. With the principle of respect for people, we communicate with you in a sincere and warm environment.
  3. Modern Technology and Current Approaches:
    Op. Dr. Hakan Yaz Practice uses the technological opportunities offered by modern medicine in accordance with the requirements of the age. We aim to provide you with the most effective healthcare service with advanced diagnosis and treatment methods.
  4. Safe and Comfortable Environment:
    Our practice is designed not only with modern medical equipment, but also with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. We take care to ensure that you spend your health-related processes in a safe and peaceful environment.
  5. Comprehensive range of services:
    Op. Dr. Hakan Yaz Practice offers a wide range of services related to women’s health. From comprehensive women’s health examinations to gynecological surgery, from pregnancy follow-up to fertility treatments, we offer expertise in many areas.
  6. People-Oriented Service Policy:
    We have a service approach that prioritizes your health. With our people-oriented policy, we aim to support you to lead a healthy life by cooperating with you at every stage.

Your health is valuable to us and we are here to provide you with the best service.